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The CBN Inserts Structure And Processing Highlights

cbn insert

In the rapid development of industry, construction materials and the most difficult components are increasing in use which makes the machine tool a difficult test, requiring the development of various high impact resistance, thermal stability, and a high-impact superhard cutting tool. CBN is a key tool in high-hardness manufacturing. It can be used in the future and present heavy metal equipment.

CBN inserts face tough competition in the aerospace, automotive, and medical sectors as well as other industries. CBN inserts are able to be utilized on well-equipped metal machines. CBN also inserts lower manufacturing costs when developing a product is feasible.

Structures that are formal CBN inserts fall under this class.

Solid CBN Insert:

The solid cbn inserts manufacturers solid cbn inserts manufacturers, particularly when working with ferrous materials with less than 10% ferrite, offer exceptional wear and impact endurance. The more the electricity generated by more users, the larger the potential market share.

CBN composite inserts:

CBN composites select the most suitable carbide substrates, including the edge portion of CBN welded material, have high wear resistance and typically used to finish hard materials with genes greater than HRC45. They can attain the original finish and the dimensional accuracy.

CBN Mosaic Installation:

CBN mosaic inserts provide a solid surface that is inserted into an amorphous carbide cement substrate that provides a sharp edge on one side of the tool; CBN mosaic tools are less costly than a composite tool , and is able to be produced near the cutting edge, thus reducing costs substantially. Control the combination knife to cut at a depth of less than 0.3mm and then consider high-speed rotating to achieve Ra0.8-0.4 to cut down on processing costs.

CBN Processing Characteristics of Inserts:

This is the ideal tool for working with high-hardness materials.

CBN rough tools which are second-hardest level, after diamond tools, are extremely hard. CBN and diamond tools can be used for part inspection, however the hardness of CBN tools is usually HRC45 or greater. The processing result is not correct when it’s lower than HRC45.

There is a lot of roughing.

The BN-S20 alloy Integral CBN machine is superhard designed by Halnn. It can cut up to 8mm and consume all inputs. This means that the CBN integral insert can provide an enormous rough surface.

Cutting at high speed:

The effectiveness of solid cbn insert, which is able to be fully cut at high speeds and possible the combination of CNC machines, greatly enhances the work piece cutting efficiency.

Dry cutting

CBN tools have a strong red heat endurance; when they include cooling, their blades are easy to break when temperature drops. CBN operates with a typical system that makes use of a dryer to prevent accidental cutting.


CBN blade setting is currently the most effective tool to make stainless steel products, using strong and durable as well as increased strength. In the future, CBN blade share in the market will slowly increase, CBN blade setting will become the mainstay of the industry of hard metal processing in the near future.


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